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Why do you put a luggage tag on your suitcase?

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Why do you put luggage tags on your luggage when traveling?

If you are a careful person, you will find a lot of air stewardesses, railway workers and so on, all of them will have a luggage tag on their luggage, while some people who travel outside will also occasionally see a luggage tag on their luggage, so why do travel to the luggage tag? What kind of role does it play?

Put the luggage tag on the luggage to prevent luggage being taken by mistake

Is this suitcase luggage tag on a very important role, but in many cases we have had that experience, that is in the process of travel will find two or even more identical suitcases, if not identical, but under the condition of similarity is very high also difficult to be distinguished, so do not pay attention to may appear a little faults. In this case, it is very necessary to choose to put the luggage tag on the luggage. Through this method and measures, the personal luggage can be more eye-catching. Even if there is no luggage tag on other similar luggage, the identification effect can be achieved in this way. Therefore, this method can effectively prevent luggage from being taken by mistake, and can be used to protect luggage.

Luggage tag, once lost, can contact the owner

In addition to the prevention of the wrong luggage, luggage tags on the luggage has a very important role, that is the baggage recovery function. Generally speaking, the luggage tag will have some notes information, which is written by the owner of the luggage, including the name, contact number, contact address and so on. These are very important information, and the luggage tag is written with these information, in order to prevent the luggage from being lost accidentally, which can be recovered. Whoever picked up the suitcase or left it somewhere can contact the owner by phone to prevent damage to their property. In fact, it is a very important role of luggage tag, which effectively avoids the loss of luggage.

Luggage tag on the luggage for easy shipment

Of course, the luggage tag also has a role to facilitate the shipment. Sometimes, no matter traveling or studying, there may be a lot of luggage, and I carry it with me in no way. Therefore, I have to choose the luggage, but for each consignment station, how to distinguish the owner of the luggage? At this time, the luggage tag plays a role. Double insurance can be achieved through the record of the consignment station and the name and telephone left on the luggage tag, thus ensuring the safety of the luggage and avoiding all kinds of accidents.

Luggage tag is more fashionable

Of course now trunk hang luggage tag, and the past is not the same, luggage tags now more good material, long service life, such as soft plastic luggage tag is so so, and baggage tag modelling diversity, there are all kinds of cartoon characters, there are all sorts of modelling, looks beautiful, exclusive custom for luggage tag can also at the same time, let the luggage tag is different, so the said suitcase hung a luggage tag, looks very fashionable? So no matter which way you look at it, if you're traveling, it's best to put a luggage tag in your suitcase to make your trip more comfortable.

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  • Contacts:Stacy
  • Tel:+86-591-8782-2212
  • Company name:Fuzhou sino origin
  • mailbox:sales@sino-origin.com
  • Website:www.sino-origin.com
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