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Instructions on labels of leather products

source:http://www.sino-origin.com/news/56.htmlRelease time:2018-09-26

Recently, a customer from mudanjiang city, heilongjiang province, bought a leather goods at jinhui shopping center and gave a 'bad review' after receiving the goods, writing: 'merchants are very dishonest, the baby homepage is promoting cow leather, the real thing and the sign is cow leather'. This is the second negative evaluation received by jinhui shopping center this year. We contacted with the buyer in the first time, and the dialogue content is roughly restored as follows:

Customer service: "hello! Are you Mr. So-and-so?

Buyer: "yes, where are you?"

Customer service: "hello, Mr. So-and-so! I am jinhui shopping center taobao shop, you bought a wallet in our store the other day, right? Now I see that you gave this poor review. You describe that you saw the description on the page at that time that it was cowhide. The product sign you received said cow leather.

Buyer: "is that right? I just saw that you bought it for cowhide, but it turned out to be cow leather.

Customer service: "on this issue, I may need to explain to you, according to the national light industry bureau requirement, starting from April 1, 2011, the first layer cowhide and head paint products in its unified logo sign in for the cow leather, leather products on the second floor unified change logo for cow split leather, so you now see the identity of the" cow leather "means that you have paid for goods is head layer cowhide... ."

Buyer: "I don't care what country bureau regulation you are, the commodity that you sell is cowhide, should be cowhide on the label, cowhide is different, be to hang sheep head to sell dog."

Customer service: "be like this, dear, if you think what I tell you is not true, you can take some time to go up to baidu to look up a few answer about this respect, you direct search 'cow leather' 3 words line, there is detailed explanation in baidu encyclopedia."

Buyer: "I don't want to look it up. All I know is that what you say on your page is not the same as what you say on your sign.

Customer service: "we understand your feelings and thoughts, but you have to understand about our ah, actually we call is not to say that you must help us to change the bad review, but our customers have worries and doubts, we have to reply, make you satisfied, cowhide is commonly known as, in order to make everyone can have a look at it very clear, so we are illustrated with the leather goods... ."

At this point, the consumer hung up.

Again we dare not continue to call, explanation, because as a business, many calls to consumers have the suspicion of harassment.

Every time encountered such situation, actually the merchants are also particularly aggrieved, really have a sense of justifiable nowhere to say, so here, can only weakly remind the consumers who are ready to buy leather goods:

According to the requirements of the state light industry bureau, the new industrial logo was implemented on April 1, 2011, and the identification document number was: QB/ t1333-2010 (carrying bag), QB/ t2155-2010 (travelling bag); Identification changes are as follows:

1. The first layer of cowhide and the first layer of patent leather should be changed into cow leather.

2. Change the two-layer leather to split leather.

3. Replace PVC with artificial leather.

4. Replace lining (including nylon and cotton) with fabric.

5. Change fabric (including fabric and nylon) into fabric.

So, when you receive goods to check the logo, if you see the ingredients are the words' cow leather, is a sign of goods material is we say normally head layer cowhide or head paint, if you see the component is a "cow split leather" is written, that is what we usually say 'second floor leather, is not only the cowhide, other animal skins, too, such as sheepskin products,' sheep leather 'means is the first layer suede, "sheep split leather" means that it is the "second skin".

So said, the relevant regulations of the state are clearly required, so why should be described as the first layer of cowhide, the second layer cowhide in the details page? It just to make each easier to intuitive understanding, is a kind of colloquial or lingua franca, professional term, after all, sounds a bit awkward, of course, everyday products are better, here to play a less appropriate for example, such as drug of chlorpheniramine maleate, everyone knows that a kind of allergy of the medicine, but its name is "maleic acid chlorobenzene that min", if use scientific name to introduce, consumers may feel a little strange, believe that you can understand the businessman of the practice.

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  • Contacts:Stacy
  • Tel:+86-591-8782-2212
  • Company name:Fuzhou sino origin
  • mailbox:sales@sino-origin.com
  • Website:www.sino-origin.com
  • address:G5#610, Yangguang SOHO, #3 Panyu Road, Jianxin, Canshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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