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Polo shirt how to mix Women's Wear is the Fashion

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Polo shirt how to mix Women's Wear is the Fashion blockbuster. 
Speaking of polo shirts, I believe we will not be rusty, some girls think that wearing polo shirts is the boys' patent, but it is not. Girls wearing polo shirt can still be beautiful out of the sky, it depends on how you deploy, come and learn it! 
A polo shirt: a must-have item in a girl's wardrobe. 
In fact, polo shirt from the beginning is indeed evolved from the noble tennis movement, and then entered the fashion world, after modification, into a fashion element popular in the fashion circle. Polo shirt has been in vogue for a long time, has been loved by many big stars, some movies and TV series will also have its figure. 

Speaking of polo shirt, we may think that this should be the men often wear clothes, because the polo shirt is more casual, strong sense of movement, girls are not easy to mix. In fact, because the polo shirt for boys in all aspects of the requirements are very high, not only to have stature, appearance but also temperament, ability to wear its characteristics, Xiaobian is not very advocated that boys wear polo shirt, as a result of careless will be like wearing an old man's shirt; To become an old cadre is both old and earthy. 

But for the girls on the completely different, just mix well, you can make a second into a fashionable woman. Now more and more stylish people like to wear polo shirt, because the deployment style is changeable. 
It mixes with the skirt to become the feminine full flavor sexy beauty, may also become the young lovable schoolgirl younger sister, it mixes with the trousers to mix is the capable and has the temperamental work place strong person, You can concoct any style you want, and polo shirts are a must-have item in a girl's wardrobe. Here are some of the reasons why you need to buy a polo shirt! 

II. The strengths of polo shirts. 
(1) perfect embellishment. 
If you have a better figure, then the polo shirt can play the effect of adding to the lily. Slimming polo shirt can better polish the body, highlight the body shape. The straight polo shirt can also help you hide the body on the imperfect local, whether you are chubby girls are still good looks girls, polo shirt is a better choice to wear. 
(2) Aging and tender. 
When you step into the workplace, you take off your uniform, fade your baby, and put on your seasoned business attire. When you put on the polo shirt, you will find that you are back in school, recalling the green years. Whole person's mental state also becomes young has the vitality. Because the polo shirt is very young, you can become a student sister in one second. 
(3) the trump card of the workplace. 
Now more and more companies have a higher dress requirements and norms, in fact, many people do not know, polo shirt can also be well used in business wear, such as polo shirt deployment of a slimming skirt, feet wear a pair of high heels, almost full of gas! The blend of jeans will instantly highlight your skilful wind meter. As long as you match the appropriate, but also can make you flourish unlimited career charm. So, what about the polo shirt? 

III. How to deploy polo shirts. 
(1) polo shirt + skirt. 
If you want to dress up as a girl, then Xiaobian recommends you polo shirt and pleated skirt, A word skirt blending up, remember to tie the polo shirt in the skirt, the small waist of the protruding body, showing a pair of long legs. Both tall girls and short girls are very tall and thin.The most important thing is that the mix is so youthful that it seems to bring you to school. 
(2) Polo shirt + trousers. 
Many girls think polo shirts are too generic because you can't make them. If you mix on a walking style broad-legged pants or a pair of polished leg-shaped jeans, walking in the street, agile has become our gathering point, it is eye-catching!

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  • Contacts:Stacy
  • Tel:+86-591-8782-2212
  • Company name:Fuzhou sino origin
  • mailbox:sales@sino-origin.com
  • Website:www.sino-origin.com
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