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Ball American classic leisure business long sleeve

source: time:2018-08-02

Ball American classic leisure business long sleeved shirt! Highlight the men's style! A very deep single!

Men at all times like to wear pure colored shirts.
Although the pure color shirt looks simple, it also has many different styles. And the pure color shirt is very versatile, with casual pants, trousers or jeans, overalls are the same fashion!!!
Men don't dress so much,

But there's a lot to be said about, not to mention the so-called fashion items, but the simplest and most stylized shirts that fit every man's wardrobe. Whether it's a tooling or a daily street shirt is a great weapon.

And for a long sleeved shirt: it's almost (a polo).
For men, the exclusive design of all kinds of scenes is unique.

It's very flavour.
Super performance price ratio and sharp tailoring make it occupy a place in men's wear field.

Through several previous cooperation,

Is still the old channel to get the cattle goods, are foreign trade companies out of the goods.
The shirt is to be adjusted.

The effect of the upper body is quite glamour!
It continues to follow the RL's style,

The extraordinary embroidery in front of the chest reveals its introvert while adding a perfect pattern!

The whole tone is tempered with gentle tones, revealing the natural and restrained temperament of men.

The code of the main standard is completely corresponding!!!!

Use 8 high density fabric to follow the perfect fabric texture.

With a stereoscopic cutting,

With simple design, create a classic classic!

The modern design sense of natural hem and back is also in place.

It shows the sexy side of the man!

Make the old and new contrast and complement each other! There is a perfect supplement to the fat buckles for the guests! The nuances are more of the light and luxurious feeling!

That confirms the words of fashion designer.

"The goal of all design is to achieve the reality of an imaginative reality.

It must be part of the form of life, and become personal with time.

The creation of a man's opening to the earth,

At the same time, it also reveals the direction of design.

It's a soft fantasy, romantic, innovative and classic inspiration!

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  • Contacts:Stacy
  • Tel:+86-591-8782-2212
  • Company name:Fuzhou sino origin
  • address:G5#610, Yangguang SOHO, #3 Panyu Road, Jianxin, Canshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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