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How to choose a shirt according to your face and n

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How to choose a shirt according to your face and neck? The simplest shirt, you may have chosen the wrong choice
To be a gentry with a good quality, it is not necessarily useful to work hard on your own. It is more important to have a good guide to remind you of the details that you should pay attention to. Today we're going to analyze the most common single "shirt" for men to wear and teach you how to choose and the unique meaning of "collar".
The history of men in shirts can be traced back to fifteenth Century, and the original function was like "underwear", the shirt itself was not exposed, and the shirt would wear other gorgeous clothes. Because of its direct contact with the skin, shirts were also considered an important part of maintaining cleanliness at that time. Because the idea of daily bathing is not popular, it is considered an act and an important hygienic habit to lose the old shirt of the day before and to wear a new white linen shirt.
Because the shirt itself can hardly be shown alone, it always covers other more gorgeous clothes, so the only "collar" that will show is the focus of the change. Men's fancy lapel or simple collar can find clues in medieval paintings.
The first shirt with "in buttons" was born in the 1870s, before which shirts were fitted directly from the head. At this time the shirt can be the prototype of the modern shirt, and the suit has been a good partner. Every day the men in the shirt work know that after a day of rush, the shirt collar and cuff will be stained more or less, long time to consume very quickly, every season to buy one. Some new shirts seem to be inevitable. After hundreds of years, the shirt, though divorced from the fate of being used as underwear, remains the closest companion to the men's daily life and death.

Son: it can just accommodate a finger's looseness.
Shoulder width: the suture line just aligns the outer edge of the shoulder.
Sleeve length: it can cover the junction between the wrist and the palm, which is about an inch more than that of the carpal bone.
Sleeve width: of course not too wide, but it should not be narrow enough to expose the shape of the arm. Too narrow upper arm trimming will make your dress look like a blouse.
Coat length: cover to the hips, so as to ensure that the clothes do not swing up and down when you are active.
Clothing width: This is the most important part of most men. At present, all major brands have at least two different versions of tailor fit and slim fit. However, it should be noted that even though the slim fit has been labeled, the tailoring of each family is still very different. Basically, a fitted shirt should not have more than three inches of cloth in its waist.
If you put forward the above questions to the gentlemen, it will tell you that this is really unnecessary, because when wearing a formal shirt, it is not very good to show the traces of the circular neckline in the underwear.
The reasons for those who support underwear are nothing more than the following points: first, for hygiene. This is true at the beginning of the invention of underwear, but now we live in a time of washing every day and the shirt is worn once, and there is no need for such a big deal when the health conditions are greatly improved. Two, to keep warm. Then why not buy a thick flannel shirt or a scarf? Is this not the purpose of their creation? Three, afraid of too thin shirts will expose the body's lines? Maybe you need to start on the gym or throw away all too thin shirts.
Only the following three people are fit to wear underwear in their shirts: all the weather is sweating, most of the shirt material allergy, or to annoy the British gentleman.
Shirt collar
Why is the shirt collar important? Just as the frame is to the painting, the collar of different shapes is suitable for different face shapes, affects the way the tie is worn, and suits the occasion.
Standard Huaihe collar
A collar that is never obsolete and never goes wrong. The collar is usually quite strong, or collar bone, which is suitable for tie or tie. Club collar is also made from the same angle. Rounded collar can also be used in formal occasions, but relatively relaxed.
Although it is called a cleavage collar, there are still different angles. There seems to be no rule for the angle between the two pieces, so long as there is an obtuse triangle between the two pieces. The split collar looks young and professional, suitable for all kinds of neckties and different occasions. It is especially suitable for men with long face shape.
long point collar
There is a sharp triangle between the two collars. A person with a more square face. In addition, although it is not expressly provided, it is best to wear a tie. If you don't wear a tie, your shirt collar will be open at times. It will be odd because the angle between the two pieces is small.
Double collar
A very American shirt collar originally originated from polo competition. Polo players keep the ends of the collars buttoned to their shirts in order to avoid the wind blowing them up and interfering with their sight. Due to the buttonholes on the collar, the collar can not be inserted. In addition, the collar is usually not ironed in too thick canvas lining, so the collar looks soft, more suitable for leisure use.
Needle collar
The collar is characterized by the use of a metal bar to connect two pieces of collar. The position of the metal bar is located directly behind the tie knot. Its purpose

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