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Summer custom printed canvas bag

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Summer custom printed canvas bag
Summer is coming and it's time to change your look. Are you tired of the same fashion bag but don't know how to make your own beautiful handbag? The details of life can always be amazing after being renovated by patterns. In this lesson, let's follow the instructor to design and sew a beautiful and practical handmade cloth bag with colored patterns, under the dress of fresh colors and patterns. Have a different summer. 

The pattern of the handbag adopts simple geometric figure, and the hexagonal pattern and the long pattern of begonia are selected from the design of the Chinese garden window grilles. Seemingly simple and ordinary graphics, through the orderly arrangement and combination, has become an interesting pattern. 

1. Paint powder 2. Sponge head 3. Disposable paper plate 4. Rubber brick 5. Acrylic sheet 6. Sulphuric acid paper 7. Engraving knife 8. The art knife is 9. Inkpad 10. The needle and thread are 11. Cloth scissors 12. Scissors 13. Clip 14. Textile. Product color paste 15. Homespun _ cloth _ _ _ Cushion 1 7. Iron 18. Plate. 

1. Draw a print on sulphuric acid paper. 

2. The sulfuric acid paper back buckle on the rubber brick, with a pencil on the other end of the printing pattern, so that the pattern on the rubber block. 

3. Cut out the large outline of the printing pattern with the art knife. 

4. Along the printing pattern outside the knife, engraving knife must have a slope, to the rubber block into the approximate 1cm depth, and then in the printing pattern peripheral 0.8cm place knife, to the inside into the approximate 1cm depth. 

5. Cut the printing pattern along the outer edge with the art knife. 

6. Smear the seal with ink and try to print the pattern on the white paper. If there is any irregularities, the cutter can be used to adjust the pattern until it is smooth. 

7. Fasten the seal to the acrylic board with double-sided adhesive. 

8. Draw the body of the bag (62cm × 39cm) and 2 handles (50cm × 14cm) on the rough cloth with paint powder and cut them out. 

9. Cover the table with a piece of cloth to prevent the paint from becoming imprinted on the table. Pour proper amount of textile color paste onto the paper tray. With sponge dipped in the appropriate amount of textile color paste, a little bit of textile color paste on the seal. 

10. According to personal preference, the seal pattern is printed on the bag body and the handle. 

11. Press the body of the bag and the back of the handle up, and use the iron to smooth the body of the bag. 

12. Fold the handle edges inward twice and lock the edges. 

13. Place the handle and bag body as shown. 

14. Stitch the handle to the body of the bag, and then fold the side of the bag inward twice to lock the edges. Note: the distance between the handle and the edge of the bag body is 1.5cm. 

15. Turn the bag back on the front, fold it in half at the bottom, and sew the sides from the front. Then turn the bag over to the back and sew the sides from the inside. Note: fold the seams to the inner side so that they will not get dirty during cleaning. 

16. The middle crease is sewn after the handle is folded in half, and a small cloth bag which is convenient to carry is made.

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