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Nonwoven handbag making method

source:http://www.sino-origin.com/news/26.htmlRelease time:2018-06-23

Nonwoven handbag making method

After receiving a shopping bag production tasks, first is to choose the fabric, good fabric to produce our shopping bags, fabric should choose the sort of surface is not ze, vertical and horizontal tension difference is small, hard to feel some of non-woven fabrics. The gram weight of fabrics is chosen, with practical advisable.

How to make non-woven bags

Nonwoven tote bag - fabric selection

Why should choose fabrics have glossy surface? This is because the surface of the fabric is glossy, so that it is ready for later printing. One is good printing, and the other is good printing. In this way, the overall effect will be very prominent, such shopping bags take out, will be deeply loved by consumers.

So, why do you want a harder cloth? This is because, from fabric, able to stand up, can stick out, highlight the shopping bag of whole feeling, very practical, when I was shopping, put some of the weight of an object, not broken not bad. Safe, practical, this is shopping bag standard.

Similarly, the requirement that the fabric horizontal and horizontal tension difference is small is also to ensure that shopping bags have excellent performance in bearing weight.

Nonwoven handbag - cut and cut fabric

The second step is to make the fabric and put it in the warehouse. The next thing is, how do you make these big rolls of non-woven fabric into bags? Yes, that's what you think. We're going to cut it into little pieces of fabric.

You can imagine it in space. The shopping bag is equivalent to a solid cube or cube. So, it has six sides, and the top is empty, so the shopping bag actually only has five sides, one front and one back, two sides left and one side at the bottom. What we are talking about here is the shopping bag made by car sewing, which is different from the ultrasonic bag making.

We use automatic slicing machines and slitting machines to cut the fabric into small pieces according to the size we need. One of the segmented large pieces is used to print the front and back plus the bottom of the three-sided combination. And then the side, the hand, the side bar. This refers to the cutting of the handle and the side of the bag. Because they are very narrow, they must be cut into small pieces to match the finished product.

Nonwoven tote bag - printing

The third step is printing. We usually use silk screen printing, because it is a piece of pure manual printing, so, his speed, progress will be slower than printing machine, of course, on the cost will be a little higher than printing machine is, but its advantages, also is very obvious, can be very small amounts of printing, low error rate.

When printing, pay attention to the printed text, the pattern should have a good fullness, and the size should be able to highlight the whole shopping bag effect.

Nonwoven tote bag - sewing

Step 4 sewing, according to certain specifications, and models, like sewing, the large fabrics, dice, carrying, package edge fabric sewn together, to become what we see finished shopping bags.

This includes many sewing methods, such as holding hands and large joints, which need not be crossed in order to increase firmness. On the side are a few lines, the length of the straps and so on.

Nonwoven tote bag - packaging

Fifth and final step, it is a packaging container, we use cartons according to certain specifications, a box, 100 or 200 a box, box on the printed font, in this way, crates of shopping bag finished goods through the logistics transportation, to the various terminal sales to the vast number of consumers.

Shopping bag developed now, there has been a lot of style, the style of work and the process is slightly different, but generally the producing method, I hope you read this article friends can see, a method of making the finished product shopping bag, is enough.

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