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Key points of T-shirt printing design

source:http://www.sino-origin.com/news/23.htmlRelease time:2018-06-23

Key points of T-shirt printing design

T-shirt designers can use their imagination to create designs, but there are a few important points to note in choosing prints:

1. Try to avoid the color piece of large area, especially the chest sleeve where big piece no matter what material do you use the printed hard block will appear on the clothing, when sweating caused by the location of the printing is airtight.

2. T-shirts, t-shirts printed with the predecessor to refuse and cuff three position, avoid your design has been from the location of the armhole to the shoulder, because of the small batch printing mostly garment printing, these locations have flat-fell seam will influence the printing effect will increase the cost.

3. Choose screen printing, to control the color, because the more colors, the higher the cost.

4. Screen printing should avoid using color gradient, because there will be a big difference between the gradient and the screen, after all, printing on the fabric is different from printing on the paper.

T-shirt printing pattern classification

T-shirt, cultural shirt printing is basically divided into three categories, heat transfer printing flowers, screen printing and hand-painted, digital direct spraying and other four.

1. The thermal transfer printing technology is a kind of printing technology, popular in these years is to design printing (printing) onto a thermal transfer paper, and then through the thermal transfer equipment to print the pattern on the guanggu shan fabric of high temperature and high pressure, relative to silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing with fast and convenient, the advantages of vivid, but also relatively low color fastness, mass customization cost higher shortcomings. However, with the continuous improvement of technology, now the use of offset printing, can achieve the same effect as photographs.

2. Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques for printed t-shirts and t-shirts. Print all kinds of patterns on blank advertising shirts. Screen printing technology is relatively complex, there are mainly design, film, printing, drying steps. Suitable for color block printing.

3. The hand-painted: most hand-painted T-shirt, t-shirts are now to finish with prints, of course, there are many with strokes, with pigment is propylene dye and textile dyes, hand-painted T-shirt, t-shirts, costs are relatively high, not suitable for mass production.

4. Digital direct injection, the use of imported textile dyes, with digital painting machine directly spray the pictures on the clothes, the method is especially school t-shirts, small batch customization of campus graduation t-shirts design is more complex, such as a gradient effect of color design.

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  • Contacts:Stacy
  • Tel:+86-591-8782-2212
  • Company name:Fuzhou sino origin
  • mailbox:sales@sino-origin.com
  • Website:www.sino-origin.com
  • address:G5#610, Yangguang SOHO, #3 Panyu Road, Jinxin, Canshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
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